This year’s World Radio Day celebrates the trust, accessibility and long-term viability of the radio industry.

Feb. 13, 2022, marks the 11th annual celebration of World Radio Day, which is organized by the United Nations’ UNESCO organization. This year’s theme is “Radio and Trust” in recognition of radio’s standing as one of the most trusted media sources around. Even as various studies reveal a global decline in trust in the internet and social media networks, people continue to see radio as one of the most trustworthy news sources, the organization said.

“Part of people’s trust in radio is due to its low cost and ubiquitous nature,” UNESCO said in a statement about the upcoming World Radio Day. “Despite digitalization being a global tendency, digital access to information is far from being equal with huge differences remaining between regions and between communities.”

Compare that to radio, the organization said, a medium that remains affordable and can be listened to everywhere, even when electricity or connectivity are not reliable. “Radio is thereby one of the most popular means of communications, used by an overwhelming majority of people,” the organization said.

UNESCO suggested in its announcement several themes that can be celebrated on World Radio Day, including trust in radio journalism, the accessibility of radio and the viability of radio stations.

Radio has a key role to play in several areas, UNESCO said, beginning with producing independent and high-quality content, providing information to a diverse group of individuals and working to transform loyal audience engagement into financial stability, especially for small, medium or nonprofit stations.

World Radio Day got its start in 2011 when member states of UNESCO adopted Feb. 13 — the anniversary of the 1946 founding of United Nations Radio — as World Radio Day in an effort to raise greater awareness of the importance of radio, to encourage decision makers to provide access to information via radio and to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

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