When I started doing radio back in 1994, a camera in the studio was unheard of, but now it’s pretty much mandatory to have a streaming component to your show. It helps get your listeners more engaged in what you’re talking about and it helps you do more things.

For instance here at “The Shannon Burke Show” we have a watchmaker as a sponsor. We can have him in to demonstrate his collection of watches to the listeners.

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Towards the end of last year we found ourselves looking for an efficient streaming camera system. A lot of stations around here have employed someone to switch their cameras manually, and that didn’t seem like a very good move to us.

That was part of what led us to a BroadcastPix system. RadioPix is microphone-activated and the cameras just follow whoever is talking.

Once we had the system settled in with our Wheatstone board it’s been fantastic. We haven’t had any issues.

The monitor that it runs off sits back in my engineer’s area; he turns it on at the beginning of the show and we’re off to the races. It just works.

On the rare occasions when we’ve had to call somebody about it, mostly when we were getting up and running, the BroadcastPix folks were attentive.

We have two moving cameras installed at the moment in high-up positions. We’ve got a small table with four positions, and the boom mics would be in the way if they were stationary on the table. But saying that, we’re looking at getting a third camera and we’re toying with a tabletop unit for the center of the table so we can get a closeup of myself or the guests.

I’ve not used any other modern systems, but when looking at other people’s shows, a lot of the time the picture is terrible. The quality is just not there. Our pictures are great, and it’s all from a system that we just set and forget. It’s just rock ’n’ roll, it’s fantastic.

For product information contact Patrick Murphy at BroadcastPix at 1-978-600-1100 or visit www.broadcastpix.com.

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