Wednesday, March 24th, Noon

Strike While the Iron’s Hot…Go get the order NOW!

Urgent! Opportunity is knocking and you must answer! You have a chance to instantly increase your sales if you will immediately begin to tell “the stimulus” story. Our clients are not aware of how much money is now available and you can be the one to help them get their share. This webinar will educate you on the story to tell and teach you how to deliver the message. For all broadcast sellers and managers.

Sales guru Derron Steenbergen of the Swagger Institute will be conducting a very timely (and relatively short) webinar to talk about how account executives can use the infusion of stimulus money that their listeners and viewers will receive to increase advertising dollars.

The amount of money coming into your community is astounding and there is a small window of opportunity for ALL account executives to turn this stimulus money into advertising dollars by helping clients promote their businesses on your stations.

Contact [email protected] for Zoom link.