Phillystran tower guy lines support the new top section of AM antennas in New Jersey, New York.

From our “Who’s Buying What” page — Project management firm Turris Services Inc. has used Phillystran HPTG tower guys as part of the installation of a new top section of tower for WWRL(AM) at its transmitter site outside of New York City.

The tower was damaged by tornado winds late last year. The rest of the system’s Phillystran guy lines have also been replaced.

“First installed in 1960, four AM towers located in a swamp area in Secaucus, N.J., are used to transmit commercial radio stations based in New York,” Phillystran stated in a project announcement.

“The largest 300-foot tower was first guyed with Phillystran tower guys 40 years ago in 1970. At the time, Phillystran’s PSOM guy lines were supplied. These have now been replaced with Phillystran’s latest High Performance Tower Guys (HPTG) and corona sockets.”

A sample of the 40-year-old Phillystran guy lines.

The company said the old lines had retained their strength. “Subsequent testing of the 40-year-old PSOM guy lines has shown no loss in the residual breaking strength of the guy lines rated at 27,000 lbs. and 15,400 lbs.”

Turris Services retrofitted new top tower sections and installed the HPTG guy ropes. Phillystran makes synthetic fiber ropes for marine, utility, broadcast and military applications; it is part of steel wire rope manufacturer WireCo WorldGroup.

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