cover of Radio World ebook Trends in Transmitters Dec 2021The quality of professional broadcast transmitters available today is unquestionably high. That’s good news for radio engineers and managers who are in the market for a new one.

If someone hasn’t purchased a transmitter in a while, what should they know? What are the most important recent developments in how they are designed and manufactured?

In Radio World’s latest free ebook, we asked engineers, managers and our sponsoring manufacturers to comment. We asked how a smart buyer can differentiate among products; what features they value most; and what features or services they’d like to see added.

We asked about the impact of virtualization on transmitters, and what buyers should know about hybrid radio platforms that are coming into the marketplace. And we sought an update on technologies like MDCL and liquid cooling.

Learn from technology veterans Rob Bertrand, Andy Gunn, Mark Persons, Cris Alexander, Mike Cooney, Buc Fitch, Mike Martin, Greg Dahl and Don Stevenson, as well as from manufacturers WorldCast Systems, Broadcast Electronics, GatesAir, Nautel and Rohde & Schwarz.



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