Tascam has launched three podcast system bundles for its Mixcast 4 Podcast Station with built-in recorder and USB audio interface. They were designed to streamline content creation for podcasts, live streaming, event production and voiceover work.

The three bundles can accommodate up to four people with four microphones and four headsets so users can tailor their setups to accommodate both show personnel and guests.

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Key to each bundle is the Mixcast 4 Podcast Station, the TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone and the TH-02 Studio Headphones. The main difference between each of the three Mixcast 4 bundles is the number of TM-70 microphones and TH-02 headphones included — Bundle No. 1 includes one set of each; Bundle No. 2 includes two sets of each; and Bundle No. 3 includes four of each.

The Mixcast 4 Podcast Station is available as a single entity for those already in possession of microphones and headphones. The company says the three available bundles create system packages that represent a cost-effective solution compared to the expense of acquiring the individual components necessary to form a complete system.

For more information, visit www.tascam.com.

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