A new study has found that those who commute to an office outside the home use radio more than two times as much as those who work from home.

The media research and content intelligence provider NuVoodoo Media Services recently completed its 19th Rating Prospects Study, which suggests that the industry has reason to be optimistic about increased radio listening in the months ahead.

“Through the earlier stages of the pandemic and in our January study, the data has clearly shown more upside for radio when the focus is on the out of home audience,” said Carolyn Gilbert, president of NuVoodoo Media Services. “As Omicron cases peak and recede, the portion of the radio audience that offers more impact to stations’ monthly report cards is best found and influenced outside the home, in cars and at work, especially during critical weekday prime listening periods.”

Where survey respondents are typically working. (Courtesy NuVoodoo Media Services)

The report found that among those working in any capacity, just 12% report using radio most in a home office setting. Those numbers almost triple to 32% when working outside the home. Differences were also seen among all respondents, those who were likely to participate in ratings surveys (RPS Yes), and those who use radio for an hour or more each day (RPS 60). Less extreme differences were seen between at-home and out-of-home listening to digital streaming platforms (DSP) and other audio sources, although out-of-home workers were greater audio consumers regardless of the chosen medium.

The survey found a clear difference in listening habits between at-home workers and those commuting to work outside the home. (Courtesy NuVoodoo Media Services)

On Feb. 16, 2022, the study and findings will be presented in a 40-minute webinar that will explore how often listeners use streaming apps like Spotify and Apple when compared with how often they use and listen to local AM/FM radio streaming apps. The webinar will look at radio station marketing strategies, including social media, connected TV, direct mail, direct outdoor and telemarketing, and will take a deep dive into the use of smart speakers, car audio systems and podcast listening trends.

The survey was fielded nationwide at the start of January 2022 to 3,298 listeners across all PPM markets. The webinar on the report’s findings will be begin at 1 pm Eastern on Feb. 16.

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