Powergold, NXT, radio music scheduling, radio automationMusic scheduling software developer Powergold has a new edition of its eponymous program.

Called Powergold NXT, the company said “This ground-breaking music scheduling software release is a purpose-built response to the evolving needs of some of the world’s largest broadcasters.”

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Powergold CEO/CTO Lance Olvey said, “Broadcasters around the globe were already moving toward technology hubs and decentralized working even before the worldwide pandemic. We observed these shifts and subsequently began to build Powergold NXT a number of years ago.” Adding, “COVID-19 only accelerated the need for a more robust scheduling solution that could accommodate many concurrent users working remotely in less-than-ideal networking conditions. It turned out to be the perfect environment in which to deploy Powergold NXT!”

According to Powergold, NXT is built on a Microsoft SQL database which will provide compatibility with most software and hardware it is likely to encounter in the broadcast plant and through remote operation.

According to Powergold, NXT also has enhanced functionality and flexibility that should give programmers more control over their music scheduling. In addition, rule optimization, schedule snapshots, element merge functions, music research imports, and an improved ‘undo’ function back to any point in time ensures will help users.

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Info: www.powergold.com


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