New cross-platform data sharing options are being released by Marketron, with connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot and Oracle’s NetSuite.

The company said this integration aims to simplify and automate sharing of data between Marketron’s traffic systems and those platforms. By streamlining data exchange, the connectors help reduce data silos, eliminate duplication and improve data accuracy, the company said.

The announcement was made by Greg Aimone, vice president of professional services and presales.

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Marketron plans to work with customers to customize existing connectors as needed and can build additional connectors on request.

Using the Salesforce Connector, Marketron said, customers can sync Salesforce customer relationship management tools with Marketron data to keep accounts, contacts, opportunities and custom objects up to date. The connector can pull order details and order projection data into Salesforce, allowing clients to take advantage of Salesforce’s dashboards and reporting capabilities for sales teams. Customers can also use Salesforce as a proposal system.

HubSpot Connector allows advertiser and order summary data to populate HubSpot from Marketron, enabling account syncing and giving clients the ability to view historical and projected sales activity. HubSpot can also be used as a proposal system by Marketron users.

Using NetSuite Connector, Marketron can connect to a NetSuite account and keep it up to date with Marketron transaction and accounts receivable data. Users can automate the flow of data into the NetSuite general ledger from Marketron’s platforms allowing for quicker invoicing.

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