KOMO in Seattle is now KNWN.

We knew that change was happening, but now it’s official. It is one of the latest call sign changes reported by the FCC for the month of February.

KNWN (formerly known as KOMO) changed its call sign in February.

Actually, it’s two of them, because new licensee Lotus Seattle Corp. has changed KOMO(AM) and KOMO-FM to KNWN(AM) and KNWN-FM, respectively.

Sinclair Broadcast Group exited the radio industry last fall with the sale of three stations in Seattle to Lotus Communications. They were “News Radio” KOMO(AM/FM), hot AC “Star 101.5” KPLZ and “Talk Radio 570” KVI.

According to a press release at the time, the historic KOMO call letters stayed with Sinclair, which owns KOMO(TV) in the market. (Wikipedia has a history of the station and call sign.)

Read the FCC’s Call Sign Actions for the month of February here.


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