The Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) will award thirteen $1,000 scholarships to children of employees at KAB member stations.  According to KAB President Allison Mazzei, “KAB Kids scholarships are an important industry benefit – we’re helping our members fund their children’s education.”

Those who apply must be a graduating high school senior, who upon graduation will attend a post secondary institution (vo-tech, two-year community college, four-year college or university).  The institution may be private or public, in-state or out-of-state.  Additionally, the student’s major or field of study is not a determining factor.   To be eligible, the student must be the child of a full-time broadcast station employee in continuous full-time employment at a Kansas station or KAB member station at least since last July 1.

The application for a KAB Kids Scholarship requests information about the student’s school and community activities, and an essay written by the student to address how the student has benefited by a parent being in the broadcast business; what career the student plans to pursue and why it was selected; in which activities the student has participated related to career choice; and the activity or affiliation which has been most rewarding and why.

Following are the 2023 high school graduates who will receive a $1,000 KAB Kids scholarship, the school they plan to attend, and their broadcast parent with station affiliation.

Allison Dierking, Emporia State University – Bruce Dierking, KNDY

Brenna Woodward, Kansas State University – Kristin Woodward, KSN

Caitlyn Choal, University of Cincinnati – Kathleen Choal, KSHB

Calvin Shank, Kansas State University – Chris Shank, Ad Astra Per Aspera Broadcasting

Cody Reeves, Wichita State University – Corey Reeves, Manhattan Broadcasting Company

Ebin Banman, University of Kansas – Nicole Banman, Kansas Public Radio

Jacob Farris, Kansas State University – Debra Farris, KAKE

Jamie Ramos, Kansas State University – Jim Ramos, WIBW TV

John Morrison, University of Nebraska – Lincoln – Chris Morrison, KSHB

Lexanni Franz, Kansas State University – Enrique Franz, La Mexicana

Taylor Miller, University of Arkansas – Tracy Brogden Miller, WDAF Fox 4

Taylor Roetzer, Fort Hays State University – Gloria Roetzer, KSNW

Tori Hilton, Metropolitan Community College – Dustin Hilton, Audacy