KAB Is Fighting for You
Without a doubt, all of us have heard the alarming news about several auto manufacturers deciding to eliminate AM radio from their dashboards. The KAB has been working hard along with the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations and the National Association of Farm Broadcasters to devise strategies to protect AM radio in electric and internal combustion engine vehicles. I am happy to announce that the KAB is traveling to Washington, D.C., in June for an advocacy trip on this very issue. We plan to meet with all Kansas members of Congress and ask them to support legislation that ensures AM radio is included in all future vehicles. Just yesterday, KAB contacted all of our House members and asked them to lend their signature to a letter addressed to the heads of all major automakers expressing grave concern about the removal of AM from the dashboard.

KAB’s First Strategic Plan Yields Productive Outcomes
On April 5, the KAB Board of Directors met in Wichita at Mark Arts for our first strategic plan in decades. We started the day with a team building cooking class where BOD members were able to get to know one another better and have some fun! We spent the afternoon with a facilitator who led us through our member survey results and guided us toward actionable outcomes based off member feedback. I happy to report that, per our survey, the KAB is viewed as a strong advocate for broadcasters at the state and federal level. Our members also indicated strong satisfaction with KAB events, awards programs, and organizational leadership.

Where we need to focus: the survey indicated that member stations want more assistance with recruiting, engineering, industry promotion, and a desire for more regional meetings. We are working on developing initiatives to address all these areas of concern and will launch them over the next 1-3 years. Of course, we are aiming to provide resources/outcomes sooner than later.

June 1 marks my three-year anniversary as President of the KAB; and it has been my honor to represent such a vital and exciting industry. After getting to know so many of you, I can say without a doubt, that Kansas has the best broadcasters in the business; and it is my pleasure to serve you.

Allison Mazzei
President, KAB
[email protected]