Did you know the KAB has an EEO scholarship program for EEO compliance that can help stations earn non-job-vacancy-specific menu option initiative credits? The program is setup for a two-year cycle, and we are starting the 2023-2024 cycle this month.. 

To opt in, email [email protected] and KAB will send you program materials.

About the Program 
The KAB and KAB Foundation extend scholarships to worthy students annually. Scholarship applications are usually received during April of each year. The FCC’s rule on EEO recruitment initiatives offers credit for participation in scholarship programs designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting. As such, we have created the KAB EEO Scholarship Program.

To obtain one full “Menu Option Initiative” credit per two-year period, each Station Employment Unit (SEU) should:

  1. Once every two years: Donate to the KAB Foundation (earmarked for scholarships) a minimum of:
    $100 per Radio SEU with one or two stations
    $200 per Radio SEU with three or more stations
    $300 per Television SEU
  2. For each year of the 2-year period: Promote the availability of the scholarship program over the SEU’s stations (a script is provided to all participating member stations).
  3. For each year of the 2-year period: Provide scholarship application forms upon request at the SEU’s station(s) (application forms are provided to all participating member stations).
  4. For each year of the 2-year period: Be available to answer questions about the program.
  5. For each year of the 2-year period: Make an initial evaluation of the candidates for the evaluation committee. The KAB will send each SEU copies of each completed application, asking for judging based on the student’s GPA, post high school employment & extracurricular activities, awards & honors, broadcasting experience and commitment, and his/her response to an essay question. Completed evaluations are forwarded to the KAB Scholarship Committee for final selection of scholarship recipients.
Here is the timeline for the EEO Scholarship Program.

January 1 – May 1: Air promos. SEU decides scheduling; you must run a schedule you feel will be acceptable to FCC in case of audit. Place a copy of the insertion order and script in your public file, along with affidavits after the schedule is complete.

May 1: All applications must be received at the KAB office.

May 10-17: Each SEU must review all applications (provided to you by KAB) and submit judging forms to KAB office. KAB will supply judging criteria and scorecards.

June 7-11: Applicant pool narrowed based on SEU judging, pending final selection of the scholarship winners by the KAB Scholarship Committee.

To opt in, contact [email protected].