Twenty-two years after launching Digital 1, the first U.K. national commercial DAB license, the Arqiva DAB multiplexing platform now runs 60 multiplexes across the United Kingdom. Recently, the company tapped Paneda of Norway and 2wcom Systems of Germany to re-engineer the platform.

2wcom is providing technology to bring audio from the studios into the multiplexing centers, as well as for EDI-to-ETI standards conversion. Paneda is providing a virtualized computing platform of DAB audio encoding and multiplexing.

“Arqiva is confident that in 2WCOM and Paneda, Arqiva have trusted partners to help Arqiva to respond to Arqiva’s Customer’s needs as DAB continues to grow in the U.K., taking pride in safely delivering hours and hours of painstakingly crafted radio content to millions of listeners,” stated Simon Mason, Arqiva’s head of broadcast radio technology, in a release announcing the agreement.

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