promo for Xperi and RW webciastXperi believes that the radio industry is at an inflection point in how its product is delivered to consumers in the vehicle — or to put it more bluntly, that radio is being outgunned, outmanned and out-financed by Big Tech and other competitors when compared to what broadcast radio offers in the dashboard.

In this special webcast on Dec. 15, co-produced by Radio World and Xperi, we talk with experts about how the connectivity environment is changing and why Xperi believes its DTS AutoStage offering is the most powerful global radio solution to ensure radio’s continued prominence.

Xperi’s Joe D’Angelo, Radio World’s Paul McLane and guest panelists will discuss broad trends in connectivity in vehicles, and the implications of these trends for the media landscape; how forward-looking radio organizations are preparing for the digital future; what’s being done to assure radio’s integration with Android Automotive; the role of services like Quu that improve the listener’s user experience; and the value proposition for DTS AutoStage, which Xperi believes brings powerful benefits to broadcasters and radio listeners to address this pressing question.

Viewers of the webcast will also have access to the new companion e-book that explores these topics in more detail

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