The KAB Hall of Fame Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. Recipients of the KAB Hall of Fame Award are individuals who have attained positions of national prominence in the industry or its allied fields, have been majors contributor to the growth and welfare of radio and television in Kansas or nationally, and have been exemplary stewards of broadcasting. Click here to read Hall of Fame guidelines.

Congratulations to Our 2021 Hall of Fame Inductees!

Dan Israel, Kansas City

Danny Thomas, Pittsburg

Steve Smethers, Manhattan

Hall of Fame Videos

Dan Israel - 2021

Don Hall - 2020

Steven Smethers - 2021

Kent Cornish - 2020

Danny Thomas - 2021

Ralph Titus - 2020

Hall of Fame History

1969 George Gow

Bob Wells

Grover C.Cobb

Bob Schmidt

Olaf Soward

1974 Alf M.Landon

Thad Sandstrom

Arden Booth

1977 Fred L.Conger

1978 Robert L.Pratt

1979 Sherwood R.Parks

1980 Martin Umansky

1981 Kay Melia

1982 Ed Mason

1983 Tony Jewell

1984 Dale W. McCoy,Jr.

1985 Bob Hilgendorf

1986 Lowell Jack

1987 Jerry Holley

1988 Bob Fromme

1989 Ed Hundley

1990 Hank Booth

1991 John Mileham

1992 Bill Bengtson

1993 H. Pat Powers

1994 Mike Oatman and Mike Lynch

1995 Lynn Higbee

1996 Stu Melchert

1997 George Logan

1998 Bill Miller

1999 Merle Blair

2000 Max Falkenstein

2001 Inductees
Harold Ensley, Overland Park
Tom Hedrick, Lawrence
Ken Jennison, Salina*
Tom Leahy, Wichita
Dev Nelson (posthumously), Manhattan

2002 Inductees
Jack Sampson, Hutchinson*
Frances and Wendell Elliott (posthumously), Dodge City

2003 Inductees
Tom Bashaw, Wichita (posthumously)
Bill Kurtis, Chicago
Harriet Lange, Topeka (DSA recipient in 2006)
Ed O’Donnell, Topeka*

2004 Inductees
Len Dawson, Kansas City
Joe Engel, Hays*
Elmer Gunderson, Topeka
Denny Matthews, Kansas City
Fred White, Kansas City

2005 Inductees
Roderick Cupp (posthumously)
Dan Dillon, Wichita
Larry Hatteberg, Wichita
Mike Kennedy, Wichita
Richard Wartell, Manhattan*

2006 Inductees
Bob Davis, Lawrence
Noel Heckerson, Kansas City
Jim Hollis, Topeka

2007 Inductees
Michael Cooper, Hays
Roger Cornish, Wichita
Ed McKernan, Jr., Emporia (posthumously)
Cliff Shank, Hutchinson*

2008 Inductees
Robert Hilton, Hiawatha*
Mitch Holthus, Kansas City
Steve McIntosh, Wichita
Jim O’Donnell, Wichita (posthumously)
Merril Teller, Wichita

2009 Inductees
Greg Gamer, Wichita
Jack Hartle, Great Bend
Gary Shorman, Hays*

2010 Inductees
Tad Felts, Phillipsburg
Charles Frodsham, Beloit*
Henry Harvey, Wichita (posthumously)

2011 Inductees
John Froome, Wichita (posthumously)
Wayne Godsey, Kansas City*
James Seaver, Lawrence (posthumously)

2012 Inductees
Gary Bender, Kansas City
Marty Melia, Goodland*

2013 Inductees
Bob Newton, Lawrence*
Mark Vail, Kansas City

2014 Inductees
Jerry Hinrikus, Salina*
Mike Kennedy Law, Kansas City

2015 Inductees
Herb Hoeflicker, Edwards, MO
Monte Miller, Manhattan*

2016 Inductees
Dave Freeman, Wichita*
Kelly Lenz, Topeka
Steve Physioc, Kansas City

2017 Inductees
Marlena Adkison, Topeka
Sam Elliott, Lawrence (posthumously)*
Bill “Ray” Rowson, Salina

2018 Inductees
Phil Grossardt, Great Bend
Lance Sayler, Pittsburg*

2019 Inductees
Dave “Lewis” Guthals, Manhattan
Rick Mach, Salina*

2020 Inductees
Don Hall, Wichita (posthumously)
Ralph Titus, Hutchinson (posthumously)
Kent Cornish, Lawrence*

2021 Inductees
Dan Israel, Kansas City
Danny Thomas, Pittsburg
Steve Smethers, Manhattan*

*Distinguished Service Award Recipient