There is no more dynamic industry today than broadcasting.  Digital technology and web-based communications bring changes that make it imperative to improve educational opportunities for current and future broadcasters. The most pressing need is for qualified engineering professionals who are skilled in both transmitter and internet technologies.  At the same time we need ongoing sales training for both veterans and people new to our field.  As our industry changes, we need to train the next generation of broadcasters. We must inspire young people to carry on the storied tradition of broadcasting in Kansas.    

The Kansas Association of Broadcasters Foundation responds to these ever-changing industry demands by providing continuing education for established broadcasters and supporting Kansas young people who aspire to broadcasting.  Through the KAB Foundation, broadcast students in Kansas community colleges and universities receive annual scholarships to assist them in their education. These future broadcasters are passionate about our industry and must meet specific guidelines to qualify. They are motivated and attend our student seminars and participate in the awards competition.

Since 1988, including the years KAB has distributed the scholarships out of the operational fund, we have handed out $360,000 to worthy students.

If you would like to help us continue the mission of cultivating tomorrow’s broadcasters and providing ongoing training for professionals, please consider a contribution. Donations can come from stations, individuals or both. Any amount is helpful in sustaining our efforts.

For more information please contact [email protected]