The Purpose The Paid Educator Fellowship Program is an important part of KAB’s Broadcast Careers program. Its purpose is to encourage broadcast educators at Kansas middle/high schools, colleges and universities to undertake one or two week internships with radio or television stations in the state. The fellowship is intended to provide educators with “real-world” broadcasting knowledge that they can take back into the classroom. It is also intended to give Kansas broadcasters an educator’s insight into their business.

The fellowship Program is not intended to substitute for full-time or part-time employees at participating stations. Further, training and experience should not include duties or responsibilities that can be performed by a regular paid employee.

Description Kansas educators may spend, a few days or a week engaged in a fellowship with a KAB member radio or television station. KAB provides a stipend of $100 per day to a maximum of 1 week – based on available funding. Educators are encouraged to make their own arrangements with broadcasters, but in cases where this is difficult, KAB will facilitate such arrangements.

The Award Successful applicants will receive from KAB, a $100 per day stipend, based on available funding. The award will be paid at the end of the internship upon KAB’s receipt of the participant’s written report.


Program Requirements

• Complete application form.

• Letter explaining how the experience will be beneficial to the participant’s teaching and professional development.

• A letter of support from the applicant’s principal or Dean.

• A written report at the end of the fellowship detailing what was accomplished and the applicant’s reaction to the experience as well as a brief report from the station supervisor.


Application Procedure Submit to the KAB by May 1 (for summer internship); November 1 (for winter/spring):

• The completed fellowship application

• Your letter explaining how the experience will be beneficial to your teaching.

• Your Dean’s or principal’s letter of support.


KAB’s scholarship committee will review the applications. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision.