Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The KAB/FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program is a cooperative program of the Kansas Association of Broadcasters and the Federal Communications Commission Enforcement Bureau. Review KAB’s agreement with the FCC.


The Program

The Kansas Association of Broadcasters, in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission, provides a service to the broadcasters of Kansas to assist them in FCC compliance, and to provide for a three-year exemption from routine FCC inspections.


How It Works

KAB has contracted with an independent inspector who will do an FCC inspection of your station(s). If no problems are found to exist, KAB will report compliance to the FCC Kansas City Office and issue you a Certificate of Compliance.

If problems exist, the inspector will provide you with a confidential report outlining any problems or FCC violations. You correct the problems to the inspector’s satisfaction and KAB will notify the FCC of your compliance and provide you with a Certificate of Compliance.

The FCC then agrees NOT to perform a random inspection on your station for a period of THREE YEARS.


The Procedure

Complete the Request for Inspection Agreement and send it to the KAB with the appropriate inspection fee. An inspection will occur soon after receipt of your request. The inspector will call to schedule a time.


The Cost

The fee to participate in the KAB’s Alternative Inspection Program is designed to be affordable to everyone. In addition to the inspection fee payable to the KAB, each station agrees to pay the travel expenses for the inspector. Mileage will be charged at the federal rate (cents per mile) and hotel and meal charges will be billed at actual cost. When the inspector visits more than one station in an area, the expenses will be divided among the participating stations in the area.


Fees (Non-Members ADD 50%)

• Single, non-directional AM station: $250

• Directional AM – 5 monitoring pts: $425 plus $25 for each additional monitoring point above 5

• Single FM: $250

• AM/FM combo with AM non-directional: $350

• AM/FM combo with AM directional – 5 montoring points:  $500, plus $25 for each additional  monitoring point above 5

• Duopoly-FMs, non-directional AMs (per location): $350 base plus $100 per station, above two stations

• Television station: $400 (Duopoly in same market – $600, then $200 for each station after 2)

• Re-inspection: 50% of original fee plus travel expenses; except if non-compliance involves AM directional system, which will   be the full fee


Getting Started/The Application

Review the KAB’s agreement with the FCC for the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program. To sign up for the Inspection Program, print out the Request for Inspection Application and mail it to the KAB with your check payable to KAB.   Please read the provisions of the program carefully, fill in all the blanks and sign the form. To review the FCC station checklist, click HERE

Return with your payment to:
Kansas Association of Broadcasters
214 SW 6th St., Suite 300

Topeka, KS 66603


ABIP Station Application Agreement

KAB’s agreement with the FCC