Remo Guest User Guide

Welcome to KAB Virtual Student Seminar! Our virtual round table and career fair events are being hosted on Remo, which has allowed us to create an immersive virtual space that allows and encourages our guests to communicate, connect, and collaborate with each other, just as you would in real life!

Below are some best practices, tips, and tricks to maximize your experience on April 8th.

**Remo works best with the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, or Mac OS Safari. For the best experience please ensure you are using one of these browsers for the event**

How to Join

You will have received a link to the Remo event page. We encourage you to register as soon as you receive this email and update your profile so you are ready to go on April 8th. You can forward the Remo link to students so they may create their own individual logins.

How to Register

  • Click on the link to the Remo event page

  • Click “Save me a spot” to register for the event, we recommend you do this before the event starts as it will save you time!

  • If you have attended a Remo event before you will then be asked to register for the event using an email address (or quick register with Google). If you have not attended a Remo event before you will be asked to create an account first. This is as simple as inputting your email (make sure to use the one you received the invitation at), name, and password.

  • You can access the event via direct link or by clicking on the enter button on the student seminar page.

Creating Your Remo Profile

After you have registered using the above steps we recommend you update your profile. With this information, you are also completing your “virtual business card” which is a unique feature for Remo. With this business card, the people you meet during the event can connect with you after via LinkedIn, web, or schedule meetings directly with you.


  • In the upper right-hand corner of your screen is a circular profile, click on that and select “My Profile”

  • Select “Edit Profile” and enter in all applicable information, including adding a profile picture to really personalize your profile.

  • Make sure you “Save Changes” before you leave.  And you’re done!  It’s that easy!

Day of the Event

The round table event kicks off at 2:30 pm on April 8th, however the event will be open at 2:20 pm, so feel free to join early to get settled in and start networking.

The event will take place in ‘Conversation Mode’, in which you will be able to connect and network with other event participants. While in this mode you can move from table to table and chat with other guests. You have full control over your own camera and microphone so you can show up however you feel most comfortable. To move to another table, simply double click the table you want to move to and if there is room you will be moved there and can start or join in on the conversation. In addition to the tables, there are also “lounges” on each side of the room that you are welcome to hang out it during networking breaks. To join those areas, simply double click the area you’d like to join and you will be moved to that space.


During Conversation Mode you can also take part in the event chat. The chat function allows you three options:

  1. General chat which everyone in the event can see

  2. Table chat with which you can communicate with the other guests at your table

  3. Private chat with which you can individually message and chat with other guests


Technical Support

If you experience any issues connecting on December 8th please text (780) 938-4029.

If you are looking for additional information, here are some links to FAQ articles:

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