Greetings broadcast friends,

It was an honor to be at the grand opening of the new Kansas Media Hall of Fame in Lawrence in May. Kansas has such a strong tradition of broadcasting excellence and the additional recognition and exposure this interactive display at Stauffer Flint Hall gives our KAB Hall of Fame inductees. I certainly hope next time you are close that you can stop by and check out the incredible legacies and broadcasting icons that have paved the way for our respected state broadcasting reputation.

It was a record year for KAB Broadcast Scholarships, which bodes well for the future of our industry! We have 17 applications from Kansas broadcasting students and selected 11 recipients to interview last week in Topeka. What a great group of broadcast students, that led to a record amount of $24,000 that KAB/Foundation divided up to further the college education of these aspiring young Kansas broadcasters.

We have had great response for the upcoming News Producer Training Camp set for June 6th with more than 35 signed up to participate. The KAB does a great job of providing educational and ongoing training and seminars throughout the year. Make sure to stay in touch and look for new ideas and ways to further your broadcasting career as all these options are extremely affordable or free for KAB members!

Don’t forget July 1st is the deadline to submit station award entries this year! This is a great way to recognize some of the top broadcasting talent we have in the state and stimulate a desire for excellence among Kansas broadcasters in serving the public. Everyone is encouraged to submit as many entries as possible, but don’t wait till the last minute!

In closing, I know Allison has highlighted below a big win and some exciting news for the future of AM Radio. So while I won’t go into those details, I do want to take a minute to recognize our KAB president who celebrates her third-year anniversary with KAB on June 1st. To no surprise, she has quickly made some major progress and gained the respect of not only our state broadcasters, but NAB, as well as her peers of the other state broadcast associations. She was the lead on the National Assocation of State Broadcasters (NASBA) dash committee to get a conference put together and federal legislation introduced to keep AM Radio. Not to mention the recent state advocacy wins politically for broadcast and streaming. From record attendance at Sports/Student seminar, to increasing KAB reserves, to selling out our Public Education Partnership (PEP) inventory and being one of only four states to retain the National Guard as a client. Her wheels and drive for excellence are always spinning and the strategic planning and execution of all things KAB is phenomenal. Thank you, Allison!  Kansas Broadcasters are in great hands!

Cheers to summertime and sunshine!