Roger Brokke, WIBW TV Group

As we find ourselves amidst an active storm season, it’s imperative to acknowledge the indispensable role we play in keeping our communities safe and informed. Over the past few weeks, our dedication to providing wall-to-wall coverage of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms has been unwavering. This steadfast commitment is essential in ensuring that every Kansan is updated on potential risks and equipped with the knowledge needed to stay safe.

Whether it’s coordinating clean-up efforts or organizing fundraisers to aid those in need, our role extends far beyond the confines of the studio.

Don’t forget July 1st is the deadline to submit station award entries this year! This is a great way to recognize some of the top broadcasting talent we have in the state and stimulate a desire for excellence among Kansas broadcasters in serving the public. Everyone is encouraged to submit as many entries as possible, but don’t wait till the last minute!