Client Services
Public Education Partnership (PEP) Program a.k.a. NCSA
Kansas commercial radio and television stations pledge air time to the KAB, which we in turn make available to public service organizations and agencies at one-third to one-fourth its value.

PSA Distribution
Contingent on script review, the KAB will for non-profit organizations free of charge, place on our website, a fully produced PSA in MP3 form emailed to us by the organization.  Stations will be advised they can download the spot as they wish.

News Release Distribution
KAB will distribute news releases to Kansas radio and television stations. Charge is $75 for a one-page release.
Here is the process:
1) Mail or e-mail your news release to KAB for review. Indicate time frame for distribution and who to contact for further information. You will be notified upon approval of KAB distribution.
2) Following distribution, KAB will mail an invoice to you for payment.

Job Bank
The KAB operates a FREE Job Bank service for persons seeking employment at Kansas radio or television stations. The online version allows those seeking broadcasting-related employment in Kansas to search for jobs and submit their resume online.

KAB Publications
The KAB offers several publications of interest to Kansas broadcasters. Order and advertise in available publications from the KAB (KAB Members recieve many of these publications as a free service of their membership).